Wil Willemsen - Receptie

Artist: Wil Willemsen
Title: Receptie
Year: 2001
Medium: Acylic paint on canvas
Size: 87 cm x 77  cm (framed)
Signature: Hand signed


Wil Willemsen (1943) is fascinated by people. People on the street, at work and while exercising. Willemsen has also put the meeting between people in the centre of this work, which, given the current time, immediately entails a deeper meaning. All this makes this impressive, colourful, and original work a true spectacular piece for every living room.

Willemsen looks at how people relate to each other within a group. When she attended the Pedagogical Academy, she already learned how to observe and deduce. She took notes about the methods people use to communicate, to distinguish themselves in a group or to make contact. She discovers the language of the body.