Meyer Vaisman - Summer Suite

Artist: Meyer Vaisman
Title: Summer suite
Year: 1989
Medium: mixed media collage
Size: 130 cm x 95 cm
Signature: Hand signed
Reference: JTS210218


In the 1980s, Meyer Vaisman became associated with the Neo-Geo movement — along with other soon-to-be famous artists such as Ashley Bickerton, Jeff Koons, and Haim Steinbach — and gained recognition for works that simultaneously criticized and celebrated mechanization, consumer culture, and the art market. With Monument, Vaisman founded the pioneering East Village gallery International, which showcased the work of his contemporaries. Vaisman’s works from this period show a sense of humor with a touch of irony and cynicism. All these characteristics are reflected in this work.

Vaisman’s work is on display in Moma, among other museums.