Linda Arts - nr. 143

Artist: Linda Arts
Title: nr. 143
Year: 2007
Medium: oil on panel
Size: 82 cm x 175 cm
Signature: Hand signed
Reference: TH20065


Since Linda Arts completed her education at the Tilburg Academy for Visual Education in 1995, her work has been about light and space. In recent years she has made a number of light installations in addition to paintings and graphics, but she still sees painting as her basis and point of departure.

It is remarkable how narrowly Arts has defined her artistic scope. In her paintings from the past three years she always uses the same means to give shape to the interaction between light and space. Her visual language consists of structures of horizontal or vertical strips, which are sometimes identical, sometimes vary in width. Her use of color is equally sober. Usually the works are painted in black, white and the wide range of grays in between. Only occasionally has a single color been applied.