Cole Morgan - Souvenir

Artist: Cole Morgan
Title: Souvenir
Year: 1999
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 103 cm x 103 cm
Signature: Hand signed
Reference: VT21021


An abstract composition of different elements and colours. The work is signed. Cole Morgan was born in New York in 1950, but grew up in New Mexico (USA). He studied English literature, art history and drawing, after which he travelled through Europe in the 1970s to see the Old Masters. His early work consists of hyper-realistic pencil drawings. Since the mid-80s, he has been working in a non-figurative style. Elements of photorealism, such as working with shadows, can be found in his abstract work. The most important visual elements in Morgan’s work are colour, shape and light. He uses them to create modern trompe-l’oeils: shapes appear to be stuck together and are given depth by painted shadows. Sometimes there is actually a light relief.