Casper Faassen - Woman sitting

Artist: Caspar Faassen
Title: Woman sitting
Year: 2003
edition: e/a
Medium: Hand edited mixed-media on silkscreen
Size: 75 cm x 53 cm
Signature: Hand signed
Reference: BA21687



Casper Faassen is a great talent in the Dutch art world. Casper Faassen (1975) grew up in Leiden, where he developed his fascination and admiration for the great masters and his passion for creating at an early age. After an exploratory period of study and work, Casper Faassen decided in 2002 to focus exclusively on his art. Early on in Casper’s oeuvre, a renewed contemporary exploration of classical beauty becomes apparent. The artist approaches the pure essence of his ideal beauty with an almost tangible fragility. His urge to experiment enables him to create a beautiful field of tension between his object of desire and contrasting backgrounds that seem to have been chosen by chance: at times pleasant and familiar, at other times confrontational and elusive. Rarely does an artist manage to touch his audience in this way, and in 2007 Casper Faassen was chosen by a professional jury as ‘Most promising talent’ during the prestigious Dutch Artist of the Year election.


Casper Faassen’s work is characterized by unique and strong lines, a beautiful play of light, and a continuously innovative application of materials and techniques. Casper Faassen’s oeuvre includes photography, painting, graphics and images. At the end of 2008 a beautifully illustrated book about the work and life of Casper Faassen was published. The presentation of the book about his work and life gives a nice picture of the development that the young artist has gone through in recent years.