Adolf Alexander Dillens - Still Life with Duck ( circa. 1850 )

Artist: Adolf Alexander Dillens
Title: Sill life with Duck
Edition: Original
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 85 cm x 74 cm
Reference: 21244


The artist Adolphe Dillens studied at the Academy of Gent. In 1854 he travelled to Zeeland where he became inspired by the daily life of its inhabitants. Adolphe Dillens travelled in the company of Charles de Coster, the author of ‘Tijl Uilenspiegel’. During their stay they kept a travel journal for which Dillens made sketches and De Coster provided annotations. They published their travel journal as ‘La Zelande’ in the journal ‘Tour du Monde’ in 1874. The Dutch translation of this journal was published in ‘De Aarde en haar Volkeren’ in 1875.He died in 1877.