Rob Scholte


Works of art may be protected by copyright. In that case, no one is allowed to make the work public just like that. Rob Scholte is a sculptor and seeks out the edges of that rule. He places images from the mass media and from his own surroundings in a new context and gives those images a new meaning. One often encounters contradictions in his works that are 'overcome' in their new context.

From 2003 onwards, Scholte bought up all the embroidery designs that were present in thrift shops and coffee shop markets. Scholte sees it as his mission to give embroideries the appreciation they deserve. According to him, it is mainly at the back of the work that they come to life, where the character of the anonymous makers is often revealed. Scholte therefore decided to frame the embroideries in reverse, sign them and show them to the public unaltered.

His working method is illustrative of post-modernism and emphasises the permanent influx of images that surround and shape us. The media are always the subject of his work; he draws inspiration from them, criticises their manipulation and has himself been a 'media personality'.

Embroidery series - Rob Scholte 2007

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