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Art & Curiosities' in Museum Ton Schulten - Ootmarsum

Undiscovered gems on 22 May 2022


Have you always wanted to know the story behind the painting from grandma that has been lying in the attic for years? Or the old crockery of a great-aunt: sell it or keep it? You can get the answers to these questions at Museum Ton Schulten in Ootmarsum on Sunday 22 May from 10 to 16 hours. On this afternoon Museum Ton Schulten is hosting the Art & Curiosa event that the museum is organising in co-operation with Art Dumay from Nuenen.

Value of objects brought in

During the Art & Curiosa event, 3 valuers from Kunsthandel Art Dumay will value your objects, including paintings and drawings, but also books, porcelain and other small objects. They will provide information about the history of your object and its value. Entrance to the event and to the museum is free on this day.

(Paintings that are too big to take along may also be shown to the appraiser on a tablet or Ipad)

About Art Dumay

Art Dumay has traditionally been an art dealer in Nuenen, although these days they are also a project agency. Not only do they offer valuations, restorations, framing and art mediation through online sales, but they also organise art-related events. They do this not only for private individuals, but also for collectors, companies and other institutions.

About Museum Ton Schulten


Museum Ton Schulten offers an almost intimate acquaintance with the painter. His world, his thinking and his vision can be found in the paintings in the Museum, but also in the documentaries shown in the Museum. The Museum is located at Ton Schultenplein 1 in Ootmarsum and will be open that day from 10 a.m. for the valuation day. 


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