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The painting valuers at Art Dumay provide valuation reports of works of art for estate planning, valuation or insurance purposes. Both for individuals and for insurers, notaries or trustees. 

Want to know more or have your painting valued? Are you looking for a valuation of your works of art? Please contact Paul Dumay at 040-2845208 or via You can also drop in for an informal consultation on Saturdays between 10 and 16 hours. 

Besides making these reports, Art Dumay values paintings at its location in Nuenen (Cockeveld 4) every Saturday. On a number of Sundays in the year, Art Dumay appraises art and antiques at various locations in the region. In addition, paintings can be valued online, by sending pictures via the whatsapp of Art Dumay.

Edel Steengracht van Oostcapelle - van Utenhove is an art historian (University of Leiden 1996), museologist (Florence, Master degree 1996) and has been active as an auctioneer (TMV 2012), certified chartered surveyor (TMV 2014, MRICS 2015). Edel has been an independent valuer for many years now and is associated with Art Dumay for valuations. 

Other appraisers who are part of the Art Dumay Valuation team: Idzarda Lindenbergh, Arne Bonsaksen, Jeroen Zoetmulder


Appraisal Days Art Dumay 2023:

  • Sunday, April 16: 11-17 a.m.: SteendrukMuseum Valkenswaard, Oranje Nassaustraat 8C, 5554 AG Valkenswaard 
  • Every Saturday from 10 to 16 at Art Dumay, Cockeveld 4, Nuenen (only paintings, drawings and etchings).
  • Enquiries about works of art, both modern and classical, both graphic work and oil paintings or sculptures/sculptures can be made via whatsapp +31 6 82086066. Our Art Consultants will then contact you.

Ba. Paul Dumay, has his expertise in classical and modern art of the 19th and 20th century. He is co-owner of Art Dumay and has been involved in the valuation, restoration and mediation of art for over 20 years. Valuing art is a weekly activity in which he gets a lot of pleasure from the beautiful and unique pieces he sees.