"A Conservator-Restorer is concerned with the material care of cultural heritage that may be in decline due to a variety of factors".

According to the Dutch Association of Restorers. Various paintings and objects have been treated by Art Dumay for 20 years after a fall and/or decay. Decay due to circumstances in the environment such as air pollution or moisture, but also the deterioration due to the ravages of time. The varnish dries up, craquelé occurs and thus the work is damaged. Fire and moisture damage also leaves deep traces.

Cleaning of a painting

The cleaning of a painting is the most common restoration. Paintings need to be cleaned with some regularity, because over the years the varnish layer becomes dirty. 

During the restoration process, the old, yellowed varnish layer is (partially) removed using solvents. A new layer of varnish is then expertly applied to the work. 

What can we do for you

Art Dumay ensures that paintings are back in optimal condition. This also applies to paintings that have yellowed slightly: cleaning such a work provides more colour and depth in the work and is thus preserved for the future.

Our Conservator-Restorer is a member of the Dutch Association of Restorers, which guarantees quality.

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