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When a work of art is mediated at Art Dumay, Art Dumay takes care of the entire process of photographing, offering, selling and sending. All communication with interested parties and buyers is handled by Art Dumay. To ensure that mediation runs smoothly, all objects are insured during the process at the Art Dumay building.


The process starts with carefully photographing and describing the object before mediation. Art Dumay then offers the object to an auction website or in another way. This always happens at the discretion of Art Dumay. It is of course possible to gather information about the selected platform that Art Dumay is using.


The object is only sold if the so-called Reserve Price (RP) is achieved or if no RP has been agreed for the object. The Reserve Price is the minimum pricelimit that you want to receive for the object; this is determined with you.

There is a good chance that your object will be offered on an auction website. It is then of course not allowed to bid yourself to increase the price. Through an IP address check it is possible to accurately visualize who is bidding on a lot. Art Dumay relies on our clients honesty regarding our procedures.


The buyer must pay to the platform within 3 working days. After the buyer has paid the amount offered, the object will be packed well protected and sent by Art Dumay within 3 working days. The object is insured for transport. The buyer has the right to return the object within 14 days after receipt (the right to purchase at a distance). Until the payment is received from the buyer, Art Dumay does not send anything.


Payment takes place after the platform has paid to Art Dumay, which usually takes 4 to 8 weeks. The payment is made after the sale of all contributed objects to be mediated. This means that the financial settlement depents different factors; are all objects actually sold, paid for and kept by buyers.


You will receive a net payment as agreed with you after the sale of all contributed objects. In addition, you will receive a purchase statement by email after the sale of all contributed objects. You must send this completed and signed purchase statement return to our procurement department, or by post to Art Dumay, Cockeveld 4, 5672AE Nuenen. The payment by Art Dumay takes place between 6 and 8 weeks; after the purchase statement signed by you has been received by Art Dumay by post or e-mail.


The brokerage agreement is active for a period of one year after the actual agreement date. If the object is not sold after 12 months at the latest, we will contact you to schedule a return pickup.


The object you deliver on consignment remains your property until it is sold to an external party. During the contract period, in which the object will be mediated for sale by Art Dumay, you cannot prematurely withdraw the object from sale at Art Dumay. One month before the contract expires, you can indicate that you want the object returned, under certain circumstances: – Provided that the object is not part of a demonstrable sales process with a prospect or customer of Art Dumay – Provided there is no option at work You will be asked whether there are any of the above circumstances when you inquire about the possibilities of a possible return. However, Art Dumay may decide, in the interim, during the term of the contract, to return the object to you if, for research, after research and various sales promotions, there appears to be no potential or sales opportunities. Art Dumay will inform you of this return request in writing.


Art Dumay only communicates after the sale of all contributed object or after 12 months at the latest. In the meantime Art Dumay will not contact you in any way, shape or form.


Art Dumay will pursue the best possible sales processes in order to sell your object. This means that Art Dumay uses the channel to be chosen at its own discretion. Art Dumay uses its marketing resources to promote your object, but does so at its own discretion based on experience and opportunities in the market and with prospects. The object can be offered directly to prospects or can be in an external sales process.


The transferred object is in good condition, unless otherwise stated in the correspondence with you (any defects). Your object is insured by Art Dumay during the duration of the consignment agreement for at least the amount that you receive upon sale as agreed between you and Art Dumay and confirmed by Art Dumay. Any necessary changes to the object, including a new list, are made on the basis of insight from Art Dumay in order to promote the sales opportunities. Old materials, such as the old frame, are kept with the object.