Nazli Nabet.

Nazli Nabet is a Dutch-Persian artist, based in The Netherlands. She studied Lifestyle and Design at Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam.

“Life is a maze, there is not an absolute beginning nor an end to anything. I paint the most fleeting element of life, emotions, in a portrait with maze.”

It al began with a dream. In December 2014 it was about 7 years since Nazli Nabet had to miss her brother in this world of the living. She was walking just behind him in her dream. She knew that he was no longer with her, that he was gone and she just yearned to see his face. Nazli was following him but he ran from her into a big dark green Victorian maze. She followed him into the maze but after a while lost him in that maze and lost all of her hopes to see him. Then she felt as if lifted, and floated above that huge maze that she lost him in. While floating above the maze, it began to morph into her brothers face.

While waking up in tears Nazli Nabet realised it was all just a dream. It was the early hours in that cold and dark December morning that she started to draw the face she saw. That drawing is the face of a man composed by a maze, the most recent image she got of her brother. That’s how her series of portraits started. Every maze that she draws is to immortalise a moment, an emotion, a fleeting feeling in a portrait.

Nazli Nabets works can be found here.