Miró and Chagall: surrealism at its best or distinct, distinctive styles?

Joan Miró and Marc Chagall, born shortly after each other (1893 versus 1887) more than 2,500 km apart as the crow flies. One, Chagall, into an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family of simple descent, the other born into a well-to-do family as the son of a goldsmith, on the Méditerranée 

Joan Miró

Miró, on the other hand, is considered one of the greatest surrealists. But here too we are a style of our own, under the influence of surrealist painters he developed a style that never actually got a name and can therefore be called the Miro style.

Marc Chagall

With Chagall, we see associations in his work with Surrealism, as well as influences from other movements. But in fact he has developed a style all his own. We see elements of Russian life and the role of Judaism. And he combined that with the modern styles he knew from France. You could say surrealism with a touch of expressionism, cubism and fauvism.

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