Mina Donyavi.

Mina Donyavi is an Iranian artist born in Tehran, 1981. She graduated in fine art and painting from the University of Science and Culture in Elmo Farhang. She started her professional career at age 16 with a private education to get ready to enter the Art University.

As a young woman growing up she had to find a way to follow her dreams and become the woman she wanted to be. Being a free spirit meeting the boundaries of society, she often was at war with herself. Painting and dancing brought her to another world, one where she is free with no limitations or boundaries. In this world she feels she is living in a city where she has lived before, where she knows everyone and everyone knows her.

Dancing and painting are very deeply connected and in balance with each other. Whenever her expression on canvas becomes blurred, she finds balance again in dancing to relieve her darkest emotions and restore peace.

After experiencing with different styles she figured out she is more interested in expressionism, as a way to express herself. She has always been fascinated by the behaviour and reaction of people. Getting to know other people’s reaction, made her learn about who she is herself and to find peace inside.  

‘’A person telling a story with lines, colours and body language can tell a story without words. The one with the right view is the one able to read the story. This shows people’s minds in retrospective, which fascinates me.’’

Mina Donyavi’s portraits are known as powerful, with strong colours and lines that come from her imagination. She feels she has met these people in another life. People from different worlds, with different clothing, have a story in every single painting.