Art Dumay has a long and established reputation in the field of selling classical and contemporary art, and has recently branched out with Art Dumay Luxury. As its name would suggest this part of our company specializes in the valuation and mediation of luxury items such as exclusive jewelry and fine wines.

Jewelry valuations

Valuing jewelry is a skill in its own right and one which requires great precision. If you consult one of our valuers during an Art & Curio Day, you will first of all receive a general valuation.


After the general valuation we can, with your consent, take your jewelry in for further valuation. The valuers will provide you with a deposit receipt containing a photograph of the jewelry you have submitted.


Jewelry is stored in a special safe room on our premises. The jewelry is insured while being transported by our valuer as well as during the period that it remains on our property.


Our valuer will examine your jewelry in more detail. This will include focusing on the 4 Cs of diamonds (cut, clarity, color and carat). By doing this, a more precise value will be determined and it will be verified if the jewelry is suitable for dealing in.


After extensive examination you will receive a proposal for possible mediation from us.


With your consent we will start work mediating the jewelry!