To Frantisek Kupka (1871-1951) - Castle garden with putti.

The painting is signed in the lower right corner but unfortunately it is not possible to identify the exact signature. It is certain that the work was made by a (distinguished) artist with much knowledge and experience, given the many fine details and well struck composition. The work of art was previously attributed to the distinguished painter Frantisek Kupka (1871-1951), see for this the mention in the art magazine Collectioneurs, however, a further substantiation for this is lacking.

The painting has an exceptional size, 170.5 by 163 cm. The canvas is in good condition. The signature is in the lower right corner of the painting.

Oil on canvas


František Kupka, also known as François Kupka (Opočno, Sept. 23, 1871 - Puteaux, June 24, 1957), was a Czech abstract painter. Kupka was born the eldest in a large family in the Czech town of Opočno, in eastern Bohemia. His father was a secretary at Dobruška town hall and his first patron was Mayor Archleb, who led him to technical school and later to the academy in Prague. There, between 1878 and 1891, he learned about European painting at the time. As a student, he entered the Academy in Vienna. His first known symbolist portraits date from this time.