Louis Apol (1850-1936) - Winter landscape by a river

Lodewijk Franciscus Hendrik (Louis) Apol (1850-1936) was a Dutch painter. He received the Royal Grant for Painting in 1871 and a silver medal at an exhibition in Amsterdam in 1874.

The works of Louis Apol belong to the Hague School is he is best known for his winter landscapes. In these, people play a subordinate role and the emphasis is on the rendering of nature and light, as is the case with the work on offer, which shows a beautiful winter scene on the banks of a river.

However, a clear development can be observed in Apol's working method. Under the influence of emerging impressionism, he began to paint more loosely, as can be seen in this painting.

Works by Louis Apol are in many Dutch museums and private collections at home and abroad.

Oil on canvas

Originating from a private collection.

The painting is signed in the lower right corner.

Dimensions with frame: 80 x 120 cm

Dimensions of canvas: 60 x 100 cm