Jean Loup Gasnier - Deux femmes

Artist: Jean Loup Gasnier
Title: Deux femmes
Medium: Oil paint on canvas
Total dimensions: 141 x 100 cm Dimensions of the image: 129 x 88 cm
Framed: The work is framed.
Provenance: Private Collection.

Reference: JUK21021


The creation of a world. "Seeking life in matter, JEAN-LOUP GASNIER stresses the most important feeling of a creative search and a part of a tireless quest.
JEAN-LOUP GASNIER was born in Martigues on 22 April 1952 and is a painter. A choice, certainly, but also the result of an original path. In the beginning, JEAN-LOUP GASNIER was mainly attracted by sculpture. Since his very early years, he has worked with the most difficult materials, especially stone. An intuitive mastery of the masses that quickly made him famous. At the age of sixteen he had his first exhibition. Forced to stop sculpting for lack of money, JEANLOUP GASNIER works in the decorative arts and designs contemporary furniture.
But the desire to return to expressing himself visually will be stronger. In 1984, JEAN-LOUP GASNIER finds his way back to expressive creation. That is when he meets the art of painting.
Created for practical reasons. Painting does not require the same resources as sculpture: a studio, materials and so on, which I was not yet able to take on.
His meeting with Alain Delagnes in 1987 and his support will finally allow JEAN-LOUP GASNIER to devote himself entirely to his art in a favourable environment. An exhibition in Genève in June 1989 is the end result of his persistence. I undergo painting as a real asceticism", JEAN-LOUP GASNIER confirms.
Abstract, figurative,... JEAN-LOUP GASNIER does not experience the necessity of absolute references, no school, but always has the same intuitive approach. Perhaps a sensitivity to symbolism? Certain works from his sombre period evoke echoes of Gustave Moreau. But always on large canvases: "I feel the need to step into the space, to play with it...".
A clearly recurring theme, source of great inspiration, a unique vantage point of JEAN-LOUP GASNIER is: