Jan Jacob Spohler - Ice fun

Artist: Jan Jacob Spohler
Title: Ice entertainment
Year: around 1850
Medium: oil or panel
Size: 60 x 80 x 6 cm and 42 x 62 cm

Reference: WB21005


Jan Jacob Spohler was trained as a painter in the studio of the then famous history painter Jan Willem Pieneman. Gradually he concentrated on painting detailed Dutch summer and winter landscapes, with all the ingredients which made these scenes so popular in the 19th century: sailing and rowing boats moving steadily along, bustling figures, cold winter scenes with reflecting ice, bare trees, skaters and often 'ice fun' around a biscuit and chip shop. He was the teacher of his son Jacob Jan Coenraad Spohler. His other son, Johannes Franciscus, specialised in townscapes.

The painting on offer shows many fine details of winter scenes in the Netherlands in the middle of the 19th century. The artist was a very skilled painter in this genre.

The frame is handmade and covered with gold-coloured ornaments.