Cornelis Vreedenburgh (1880-1946) - Workers on a levee

Artist: Cornelis Vreedenburgh (1880-1946)
Title of artwork: Workers on a levee
Period: 1900-1909
Year: 1906
Technique: Oil on panel
Signature: Signed by hand
Edition; Original
Condition: Good condition
Overall dimensions: 80×105.5×3 cm

Cornelis Vreedenburgh was born in Woerden in 1880. His father had a successful painting business and also worked as an art painter. This is how Cornelis Vreedenburgh came into contact with the painting profession at an early age. During the summers, the whole family would go out drawing and painting together in the countryside. This gave Cornelis Vreedenburgh the opportunity to develop his talent further.

When he took lessons from landscape painter Gerard Roermeester, Cornelis Vreedenburgh came into contact with the Haagse School painters and their views. Their way of painting was a great source of inspiration to him. He quickly gained recognition for his work. In 1904, Cornelis Vreedenburgh received a royal grant. A year later, he won the Willink van Collen Prize at the Arti et Amicitiae artists' association. In 1907 Queen Emma buys his submitted work Landscape with cows.

An important person in the development of Cornelis Vreedenburgh's career was his meeting with the famous landscape painter W.B. Tholen. His way of painting and love for nature have been a lasting influence on Vreedenburgh. Cornelis Vreedenburgh could often be found on the Zuid Holland lakes. Here, he could capture his beloved subject and came into contact with other landscape painters.

The artist has an extensive oeuvre to his name, which is praised and collected worldwide.

The painting now on offer shows a subdued landscape by his hand, in which he powerfully depicts the workers on the embankment and yet almost makes them form an entity with the landscape.

The painting recently came to light during a valuation of art objects.

The work is signed and dated in the lower right: (19)'06.

The panel was recently cleaned and varnished professionally.

The work is of a large size, the dimensions of the panel itself are: 59.5 x 86 cm.