Anthonie Jacobus van Wijngaerdt (1808-1887) - Summer landscape in Drenthe

Artist: Anthonie Jacobus van Wijngaerdt (1808-1887)
Title of work: Summer landscape in Drenthe
Period: 1800-1899
Technique: Oil on canvas
Signature: Signed by hand
Condition: Good condition
Overall dimensions: 45×57×7 cm

The romantic painter Anthonie Jacobus van Wijngaerdt was born in Rotterdam in 1808. There, he was apprenticed to drawing teacher and painter Jacob de Meijer. His forest landscapes served as a model for many romantic landscapes by Van Wijngaerdt, which were often richly decorated with trees. For inspiration, the painter made several study trips (1833 and 1838) to the basin of the German Rhine and to Belgium (1840). From 1836 to 1861, Van Wijngaerdt lived in Gouda, where he was a drawing teacher at the Stadstekenschool until 1857. Thereafter, he moved to Haarlem.

The painting on offer is from a private collection. It depicts an idyllic landscape with a farm, cattle and children in the foreground. The authentic frame with gold-coloured ornaments is still in place. The painting is signed at the bottom left.

You are of course welcome to view this work during the opening hours of Art Dumay or by appointment.