Jan Peter van Opheusden.

Jan Peter van Opheusden (Eindhoven, 1941) is a Dutch visual artist. He studied at the Academy of Industrial Design in Eindhoven, nowadays known as Design Academy Eindhoven. After a period of 15 years in which Van Opheusden worked as a teacher, he decides to continue as an independent artist in 1978.

His work is expressive, figurative and can best be described as cheerful and colourful. He gains inspiration during his travels within Europe and beyond.

“The colour is actually more determining than form. I am that colour. Therefore, I never use pastel shades, but most of the time primary and contrasting colours. They express direct emotions and feelings charged with an impetuous expression or tense eroticism and love for people: they are not meant as messages. When you look carefully at my paintings then you will just find something of yourself.”

Jan Peter van Opheusden established his name in 1998 with a huge exhibition on the roof of Grande Arche in Paris. His work can be found worldwide in large, often private, collections.