Jan Nagtegaal.

Jan Nagtegaal (1920 – 2000) started painting when he was 14 years old. After having a technical education Nagtegaal started to work at his grandfather’s painting business as a decoration painter of ornaments and wood – end marble imitations, while continuing his work as an artistic painter. 

In 1943, in the middle of the second world war, he met his future wife Roos Bosnak in a shop while they were both trying to sell their paintings. Jan Nagtegaal started as her art teacher, but after a while Roos Bosnak moved in with him in his small studio. Together they lived in complete poverty in a small attic with only one bed and two easels.

Shortly after the war, Jan Nagtegaal acquired his own studio in the Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum was well aware of his talent and craftsmanship and . In the early 1950’s appointed Nagtegaal as restorer of old paintings. This led to participating in the restoration of Rembrandts famous painting The Nachtwacht. Throughout his life he always continued to restore paintings in addition to his work as a free artist.

Jan Nagtegaal and his wife were both independent artist and lived with their 3 kids in complete poverty. That all changed when Nagtegaal met a local greengrocer who had seen some of his paintings. The greengrocer introduced Nagtegaal to an American art dealer and art lover. Soon after the first paintings went across the ocean. From then on things improved for the artistic couple. In 1967 Jan and Roos Nagtegaal moved from Amsterdam to the province of Drenthe, a rural area in the north east of The Netherlands, where they lived a very productive life as independent artists.

Available artworks by Jan Nagtegaal can be found here.