Jacqueline Bozon.

Jacqueline Bozon (Helmond, 1966) grew up in Helmond and already drew a lot in her youth. However, being an artist didn’t seem to be her future , because according to her father there was no future in it. That’s why Jacqueline graduated from the PABO (bachelor to become a teacher) in 1988 and instead of the art academy. Although she enjoyed standing in front of the classroom, she couldn’t get the art world out of her mind.

To be involved with art, Jacqueline Bozon started making murals in children’s rooms and she also painted her emotions on canvas. This only increased her enthusiasm. In order to continue her development, she decided to go to the Academy of Fine Arts. In 2003, she took one year of unpaid leave from her job as a teacher to fully devote herself to painting. When she graduated from the Academy in 2005, she decided to quit her job in order to commit herself fully to paiting.

Since then she has been intensively busy painting, gaining inspiration, learning and studying. During her travels she gets inspired by different cultures and through her life experience she got her own special view on life which she translates into her paintings. The motto in her work is “the art of seeing without thinking and not thinking that one sees”.

Jacqueline Bozon’s work is now for sale through 1stdibs.