Selling your art or art collection? Art Dumay is your partner!

Customer reviews

Almost 100% positive reviews from our buyers on Catawiki, Golden Seller on 1StDibs, Trending on Artsy, and of course satisfied buyers through our webshop

Our art offer is of high quality and our customer care goes for our customers: quick response, problem solving, good service and excellent logistics service

Just as it should be... we at Art Dumay think.

Would you also like to have your art collection or artwork(s) - modern or classic - brokered by a professional party with a good customer reputation, high quality and ditto service? We will gladly be at your service. Paul Dumay when it comes to classical art (+31 )0)40 2845208 - or Just Stroeken when it comes to modern art(+31 )0)40 2838117 -

Art Dumay relieves you from A to Z from collecting the artwork, valuation, finding the right sales channels to sell your work to the best of your ability, both online and through our carefully built network of relationships (25 years of experience). We do this with a team of professionals, with the right quality and service so we can deliver your artwork to the right passionist or collector! 


Achievements Art Dumay

- 150+ works of art sold per week; paintings (modern and classical), sculptures and statues
- feedback rating of 99.8% (Catawiki), Golden Seller on 1StDibs;
- extensive network of shipping companies and couriers;
- shipping now to 156 different countries;
- driven permanent team of 8 employees (+ several flex workers);
- journey from A to Z in mediation of art collections;
- storage: 800m2 surface area;
- state-of-art logistics software;
- in-house appraisers.

Highlights Art Dumay
- entry control and Inventory;
- photography;
- financial processing;
- marketing department present with senior communications advisor
for internal communications (for corporate collections) and external

Above all: quality and service!

Art Dumay has successfully mediated for various governments and companies and organizations in recent years:

  • EY (2020) 1000 works of art
  • Municipality of Nuenen (2009) 250 works of art
  • Municipality of Eindhoven (2011) 320 artworks
  • Catharina Hospital (2013) (internal sales, staff) 75 works of art
  • Housing association Helpt Elkander (2013) 480 works of art
  • Municipality of Tilburg (2016) 830 works of art
  • Municipality of Wageningen (2017) 400 works of art
  • Elkerliek Hospital (2017-2018) 60 artworks
  • Fontys Colleges (2019/2020), 800 works of art
  • Delifrance (2019/2020)60 works of art
  • Gallery Majke Husstege (2019): 100 works of art
  • Gallery Abraham Art (2019-2020): 300 works of art
  • DLL (2021-2022): 800 artworks
  • EY (2021-2022: 800 artworks
  • Various private individuals (2001-2022)