Art sales

We offer our art collection online via 1stdibs and Catawiki. Our sales catalog can be found on and via


We are a selected partner of the American platform 1stdibs. This website was established in 2001 when founder Michael Bruno selected a number of suppliers at the Paris antique show Marché Aux Puces. He made it possible for them to offer their antiques not only there, but worldwide. Since then the organization has offered a platform to (art) dealers who want to present their unique works worldwide.


Catawiki is a global trading platform dealing in unusual objects. It reaches out to an international public with more than 14 million visitors a month, and more than 50,000 objects in more than 80 categories are sold every week.

Art Dumay goes Green!

Our online sales mean we send our artwork around the world. This involves the use of a large amount of packaging material, but we have recently taken a step towards a greener future. To achieve this we use a new type of plastic packaging. Green, because our bubble wrap now contains 50% sugar from sugar cane. At Art Dumay we think it is important to take steps towards sustainability. We hope in the future to be able to use 100% sustainable packaging.